Gale Carter McCullough – Painter

Oil 36" x 24”, 2016

Most creative people, I've come to know, create out of a sense of
necessity. Indeed, I am no different. For me, making art is life-affirming.
My interest in nature has been life-long, and this interest continued as I grew and developed interest in the world of ideas, music, visual art, and poetry/literature. This all formed the conceptual foundation for the work that was to come. This prepared me for a career in art. During the years that I taught art, my students learned the importance of the beauty in nature and an appreciation for those things "unknowable."
As an artist, I've worked in most art media. Over the past twenty
years, I've worked almost exclusively in water-color and oil painting. Whether executing a landscape or a portrait, my compositions are based loosely on the many photographs I've taken. In my work, my intent is to emphasize the relationships between colors, shapes, lights, and darks (shadows), I am intrigued by the "ephemeral." Of course I owe a debt of gratitude to the many artists who came before me and left their marks.
Now, I invite you, the viewer, to join me on this path of discovery and join me in the engagement of nature as we all experienced it. We are –all of us– forever taking leave.

Gale Carter McCullough
June 25, 2022